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Maintaining Beautiful, Healthy Lawns in the Tampa Area

Count on John Ideal Lawn & Landscapes of Tampa, Florida, for routine cuts and proper garden care. There is more to cutting grass than you think. Cutting grass too frequently and improperly can cause stress and leave it more susceptible to disease. We know how and when to mow, and we only use the best equipment so your yard will look healthy, green, and weed-free.

Proper Lawn Care

Lawn mowing frequency is important — we cut only every 7 to 10 days, and when possible, prefer to cut early in the morning. This is an ideal time for mowing as the sun isn't shining at its full force, having a gentler effect on the grass blades.

We only clip the blades, not the grass body and root systems. If cut too short, your grass is more vulnerable to disease. Our equipment is relatively new, and we sharpen the cutting blades weekly.

Each type of grass has a recommended height in which to cut. Some grass needs to be cut at 1 1/2" and some left as high as 4"; therefore, height adjustment on a mower is very important. We keep up with the most recent technology, as well as also attend lawn care and landscaping seminars to learn about the latest standards.

Lawn Care

Keeping Your Yard Disease-Free

When we are done mowing, we blow off our equipment, which reduces the likelihood of transferring diseases from one yard to another. We also wash down our lawn mowing equipment at least twice each week to help prevent the spread of disease.


Enhance your curb appeal with professional edging. Proper edging ensures the grass doesn't intrude into your shrubs or other places it doesn't belong.